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Firearms training for any situation!

"I purchased a handgun but I don't know how to shoot it"

"I have my quarterly firearms qualifications coming up and I usually fail"

"I have been shooting for several years and I want to get better"

"I have a firearm in my house in case someone breaks in but I don't know if I should stay hidden or go after the intruder"

"I want a concealed carry permit but I don't know how to get one"

"I just bought an AR 15 but I have never fired one, how do I clean it? How do I shoot it? How do I learn about it?"

       These are some of the things we hear when people are looking at taking our firearms  classes.  We offer classes for beginners all the way to the advanced shooter looking to enhance their shooting abilities.  We also offer home defense classes and home security assessments.  Whatever your firearms training needs, we can satisfy them! 

        With more than 35 years of firearms experience (civilian, military and law enforcement), we can help you achieve whatever goals you have in the firearms arena. 

         We are located in Mesa, AZ but we can come to you for all of your training needs.